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Beyond the Box Store

Sure, those Big Box stores offer a variety of items, but shopping small (or buying local) not only keeps your money in your community, but an added benefit is peace of mind knowing you are buying a superior product.

Plumbing Suppliers of Tucson only sells professional-grade products

Quality = Longevity

Our professional grade products are designed to out live the generic items found in big box stores. We only purchase high quality lines of products- many of which cannot be found at the larger retailers

We'll help you Fix it Yourself

If a product we sell you needs a repair further down the road, we can almost always sell you an inexpensive part to fix the product yourself, and provide expert advice on how to do so.

Save Money

If you purchased a toilet from a big box store and it started leaking within a few years? Chances are, you will need to replace the entire unit at a greater cost to you.

Small Businesses, like Plumbing Suppliers of Tucson

grow the local economy

For every $100 received in revenue, a small business typically hires more local workers, purchase more goods and services from other local business, and contribute more to local charities than their big-box counterparts. One reason for small business’s positive impact on their local community is because a small business typically works with other small businesses. They hire local accountants, web designers, utilize a local print shop, and advertise in local publications. The money spent at Plumbing Suppliers of Tucson is re-invested in the greater Tucson community.

Source: (Bay Area Economic Fo – rum, Supercenters and the Transformation of the Bay Area Grocery Industry: Issues, Trends, and Impacts , 2004, 74-81)


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the best choice, HANDS DOWN.

When you shop at Plumbing Suppliers of Tucson, you don’t need facts and figures to tell you why it’s the best choice. You know because of the experience you have with us. Quality products, unavailable elsewhere, are tested and approved by the professional trades.

Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and always willing to lend a hand.

You’ll know your dollar is going further because you are not only purchasing a superior product, but you are re-investing in your community.

For a true taste of shopping locally, come by Plumbing Suppliers of Tucson and see the difference yourself.